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André Knoppert & Zn.

About André Knoppert & Zn.

André Knoppert & Zn. is a member of Decorum. Like all other members, this grower is carefully selected with one aim: to grow flowers of the highest quality under the brand name of Decorum.

Owners André and Martijn Knoppert have been growing the colorful spring product ranunculus for years. The orange variety Azur is first available at the beginning of March, the nine other colors will follow this week and next week. Besides the ten regular varieties, special varieties are also grown that stand out because of their large flower shape (Ponpon) and the serrated petal (Succes-series). The flowers are available from the family business until mid-May.

André Knoppert also grows high quality disbudded chrysanthemums. André Knoppert: “Growing disbudded chrysanthemums really is a passion of mine. I let the flowers grow along with nature in the ‘old-fashioned way’, without the artificial additives of light and heat. The chrysanthemum can then quietly grow into a very strong flower”. The grower grows 12 varieties of disbudded chrysanthemums from mid-September until the end of December. “I also enjoy growing exclusive varieties, a challenge I don’t shy away from. The Vienna, Louis Germ, Avignon, Holiday, and Gilbert Leigh are just a few of the ‘specials’ that I grow,” says André Knoppert.

“The enthusiastic stories of one of the members of Decorum sparked my interest in joining the growers’ association. I expect that my products will strengthen the Decorum assortment. In addition, I hope that more top florists will get to know my flowers”, says André Knoppert.

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André Knoppert en Zn., Groeneweg 119, 2691 ML 's-Gravenzande, Nederland


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