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About Adomex

Specialist of Decoration Greens

Adomex International is the largest Dutch importer and specialist of all sorts of decoration green and cut foliage in Europe. We provide a wide range of popular florist green from leather leaf fern and salal to more exotic foliage such as pineapple, phoenix roebelini, and fishtail. In total more than eighty different kinds of green products.

All over the World

Adomex International imports from all over the world by container, air, and truck. Clients can be found with retailers, exporters, wholesalers, cash & carry’s, bouquet makers, and florists.

We are Sedex, MPS/ISO and Fair Flower Fair Plants registered and were one of the first importers to structurally sell Fair Trade products in Europe.

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Adomex Introduces Preserved Greenery

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Adomex International BV, Randweg 119A, 1422 ND Uithoorn, Nederland


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