Kwiaty Zygmunt Sieradzan

Kwiaty Zygmunt Sieradzan

Zygmunt Sieradzan Florist on Thursd

Kwiaty Zygmunt Sieradzan

About Kwiaty Zygmunt Sieradzan

Perfect Forms

Zygmunt Sieradzan creates a unique style and gives his compositions perfect forms. He cooperates with floristic organizations in Russia, Belgium, Portugal, the Czech Republic as well as in Lithuania and Taiwan. Floristics Champion, European Vice-Champion in Floristics in the Junior category, and the International Polish Champion 2010 in Floristics.

Life, Passion, and Floristry

I grew up in a family where my parents took care of flowers and ran their own florist shop, hence my passion for this industry. Come to my world… A world of Life, Passion, and Floristry.

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Kwiaty Zygmunt Sieradzan, aleja Rzeczypospolitej 4D/166, 80-369 Gdańsk, Polen


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