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Soil and Stem is about boundless opportunities to experiment with what nature has given us and to make the most of the products of the seasons by collecting plant materials that grow around us. Flowers, branches, seedpods, and berries grown in a native environment are unapologetic in the shape their surroundings have sculpted. When we collect from nature, we learn to find beauty in the unconventional which go unnoticed by the every day passersby. Soil and stem finds itself continually inspirited by a melody of color, overgrowth, and general untamed loveliness found in the natural world. I believe  it  is  the addition of these indigenous ingredients that create a feeling of belonging and authenticity to a design Take a walk in the woods, your community garden; examine pictures or paintings of plants and the environment. In this inspiration, create designs to be an extension of the environment you’re working in. Thus pulling from those elements to create a color, texture, or character story in ones art.

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Utah, Verenigde Staten


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