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Selva Floral’s founder Sarah is an artist known for her unstructured and abundant floral & botanical designs. She focuses on sourcing local and sustainably grown flowers and foliages from her own small flower farm and from other small growers when ever possible. Sarah can often be found searching for the perfect bloom or foliage on the sides of highways and in forgotten alleys, her clippers always close at hand. With over 10 years experience in the wedding and event field in Oregon, Sarah has been named a top Portland Florist and a designer to follow. Her dedication to artisan design and the utmost attention to detail has allowed her to create events that are unique and unforgettable. Sarah grew up with a love for nature in part because her mother, an avid gardener, taught her to appreciate and notice the magic around her.  It is with her mother that Sarah started planting a small flower farm. They work together to grow flowers and foliage for Sarah’s weddings and events, providing her clients with the highest quality blooms grown specially for them with love and care. Sarah approaches every arrangement as though it were a sculpture, each piece intentionally added or removed, molded bit by bit, allowing the direction of the piece to be defined by both her hands and the medium itself. The result is something refreshingly organic and totally unique. Selva Floral is Portland’s top floral design company specializing in wedding and event flowers. Artfully, creatively and seasonally inspired event floral design.

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