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Rosa Azora is an international professional floristics course and a new educational project for Belarus, which combines the experience of our teachers, foreign master florists, exclusive programs, and a truly comfortable, inspiring atmosphere. Now Minsk residents, adults and children, can become part of the creative process, learn about all the intricacies of working with flowers from famous practitioners from around the world, attend author’s courses, workshops, and meetings with talented masters. The Rosa Azor project became the “Choice of the Year of Belarus 2016”. We are the organizer of the first in the republic festival of natural art LANDART, floral performances, and shows. Only in Minsk, and only in Rosa Azora, is the course “Psychology of Creativity” with a teacher from Switzerland, Peter Hess. This means that students have almost limitless opportunities for creative growth, self-realization, improvement in the profession, and in life.


Bright and stylish loft space with large windows, original elements of decor and there is a classroom where you understand the basics of floral art, realize creative ideas, and gain relevant knowledge in the field of modern floristics. Students are provided with all the necessary materials and tools.

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ROZA AZORA courses of Floristry, prospekt Masherova 9, корпус 8 (2 этаж) Minsk, Wit-Rusland


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