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Puravida Flores, a florist boutique studio, was founded in 2015 by Iris after having studied law and worked in the field of maritime insurance. She decided that her love for art and aesthetics is strong and that is how this beautiful project was born. Our work is greatly influenced by the works of the great Dutch masters of the Golden Age of the seventeenth century, the Chilean national flora and floral arrangements of the 30s created by Constance Spry. Our arrangements are characterized by a marked feminine, natural, dramatic and ethereal times. We like to mix and complement different textures to give it life and movement to each arrangement. We seek to express and transmit creatively the emotions of each client to through design and floral art. Floristery Services they provide: flower arrangements for events, companies, arrangements for marriages, churches and bridal bouquets, floral crowns, celebrations and baby showers, monthly subscriptions and home delivery. Puravida Flores offers arrangements for all occasions, from branches to births, anniversaries until decoration and setting of events, churches and marriages. “We love what we do and we are inspired day by day with this trade.” – IRIS

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7630247, Av Nueva Costanera 4021, Vitacura Local 4, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chili


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