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The beauty of the natural world, the wonders of Ancient Forests, Snow Capped Mountains and the Emerald sea are now available for your wedding in North Carolina: Triangle. Honoring the elegance of the Southern Aesthetic, melding that elegance with the lure for the natural world around it is what Petals and Twist does best. Simplicity, authenticity, beauty; unique as you are. Petals and Twist creates environments that are not only seen but are felt are not only experienced but remembered. Flowers from local farmers or from the best growers around the world, mosses that are sustainably forested nesting orchids from Central America you can have it all.
Meet Leslie
Leslie Ginnes is a trusted visual advisor, guiding her clients through an intentional discovery process that breathes life, meaning, balance and positivity into living spaces and special occasions. She is devoted to creating spaces and moments that are felt not just seen. Through her focus on details and due respect for budgets, Leslie is truly a trusted visual advisor. She believes the foundation of success is understanding the motivation and stories behind any event or living space to learn what will resonate with the business audience, homeowner, guest of honor or attending guests.
Cinematic Inspiration
Throughout her career, Leslie has approached each design project with a relentless focus on detail, elements of the unexpected, and creating the appropriate mood. This method comes from her film industry experiences with world-renowned and gifted artists from around the globe.   Working alongside them, Leslie learned the importance of framing the scene from Oscar-winning cinematographers while Art directors showed her the power of the perfectly placed object transforming bare soundstages into other worlds. Leslie channels these talents and integrates them with the special experiences, details, and personality of her clients to produce special moments to delight and inspire.

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