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Pampa are colorful and wild bouquets, composed of varied flowers, poetic, curious and aesthetic. Delivered very fresh everywhere in France.  Pama’s founders Noélie and Emanuelle have known each other since 2012. Emmanuelle comes from a digital advertising background and Noélie from the events and festival segment, where she had the chance to meet artists, startups and company owners. Although living in Paris for a long time, Noélie comes from the countryside and has always been fascinated by nature. A passion that also drove Emmanuelle’s goal of becoming a florist as a way to express her creativity. The desire of creating something together came naturally. In 2015, floral offerings were still very conventional all year round and the customer experience was also very similar amongst all players. It was good timing for bringing something fresh to the flower e-commerce market and a potential entry point was clear: targeting a younger generation of consumers, aged 20–40 years old, that wasn’t being addressed by traditional brands. The idea of creating a brand and not only a business was evident from the very start. They loved Lush, Glossier, Kenzo and other brands with inspiring personalities. The universe of these brands was appealing to them because it was joyful and festive. So they looked beyond their category and instinctively started to develop a flower e-commerce brand as a lifestyle brand. With collections, values and an honest storytelling that attracts people’s interest and build customer trust. Like a creative studio, style, decor and leisure are usual sources of inspiration and collaborating with other brands, such as Staycation and Make My Lemonade is a way of bringing their DNA to life.

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