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Masha Kravchenko is a wedding florist with experience in over 110 weddings and hundreds of bouquets. The blog about floristry is the most popular Google query “Blog about floristry”, which Masha has been regularly leading since 2015. Personal and group floristry training courses are distinguished by a stylish and original approach, as well as a training system developed by her personally. The program she has created for basic floristry gives amazing results for the students of the course. The number of students is growing rapidly, over the past year Masha has trained more than fifty young and practicing florists and decorators. Masha conducts all courses, master classes in person. Since 2017 Masha has been running her YouTube channel. She shares her floristic experience, shoots vlogs, and masterclasses. In 2018 Masha moved to live and work in Amsterdam, continuing to teach floristry in Poland and Ukraine.

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