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Good Grace and Humour designs come through my conversation with the client.We work together to distill the theme, connecting disparate elements. I come with an open mind and let the conversation take us there. I love being in the moment with them, and translating their visions into something concrete and beautiful.         I always want to come out at a point where we’re (metaphorically) high-fiving each other because it is all coming together. I start with a colour scheme and a concept and place an order for any big-ticket items (where the plan is based around a particular variety). But 80% of my buying is spur of the moment, on the day. It sounds cheesy, but the uniqueness of the client means the floral designs will always be unique. They’re who I work with in the beginning and who I forage for in the end, so the final design is a unique testament to our teamwork. I choose seasonal flowers from local suppliers and growers at the Melbourne Flower Market. My favourite part is the little kick I get out of the serendipity of finding the perfect flower – or the perfect anything else.      I like to include some unusual, off-beat elements that accentuate the beauty of the more traditional flowers, and allow designs to take their shape stem by stem, without floral foam, in a free-form style of floristry.

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