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fleursBELLA creates enchanted worlds. Its doors open into a haven of nature and beauty, guarded by serene moss sculptures and foraged treasures, revealing the most stunning of seasonal blooms brought back from the market. Our designers strive for uniqueness, and seamlessly integrate flowers, fruit, seeds and greenery to respond to each client’s requests. Whether we are building a small bouquet, or are beautifying a large event, great attention is given to translating the vision into a new floral expression. This challenge continues to inspire us, and pushes us even further to work with each flower’s innate beauty, highlighting and juxtaposing their textures and colors. fleursBELLA would not exist without its most creative team, consisting of talented artists in their own right; sculptors, painters, photographers and designers. This synthesis of creative energy breathes fresh ideas into our work and inspires us each and every day.

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55 East 11th Street, New York City, New York, Verenigde Staten


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