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Designing with creativity and passion is what Federica Ambrosini loves to do most her life. Changing, recreating, processing makes her feel alive. As a child I spent most of my time drawing, cutting and pasting; my “works of art” were poetic games and little jewels.After my high school diploma, my child hood dream became reality: the degree in Architecture and Design. While I was studying, experimenting and traveling, I discovered my love for flowers. I was practically struck by lightning, unexpectedly my life was filled with colors, flowers, emotions! With the activity of event planner, the need to pursue something different from the “uniformed” style of Roman floral design suddenly became an urge in me.My passion and love for flowers led me to study new techniques and the latest trends coming from abroad especially from the America and English markets. My styles range from lush and natural compositions with a more British taste to a more American architectural and scenographic one. Both having a single common denominator: the highest quality and freshness of the flowers used. The continuous research and evolution allow me to create emotional settings capable of giving non describable feelings to the spectators. My clients are my first collaborators: together with them I study a personalized project that includes, in addition to the floral arrangement, also the surrounding decorations, always paying the maximum attention to every other single detail. Making their dream become mine own too.

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Via di Monte Verde, 151, 00151 Roma, Italia


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