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Dmitry Turcan

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Dmitry Turcan is a one of the most recognisable Russian-speaking floral artists. He is the founder of the online school of floristics Turcan International Flower School. Born into a family of florists, Dmitry from an early age began to absorb the culture of flowers and learned the basics of floristic art. His unique style began to emerge in Italy where he lived for 8 years. Western Europe taught him to create minimalistic and concise objects. The style started to evolve when he moved to Azerbaijan, chic and abundance were deeply valued in that culture. So this combination of incompatible — luxury and restraint — formed the basis of Dmitry’s style in floristry, in which he continues to improve today. A winner of many awards including Best in Show and Gold at the 2018 Singapore Garden Festival he was the designer who created the magnificent Lady Gaga floral piano.

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