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A few years ago Lauren was just finishing a conservatory movement and theatre program; which was a passion of her but she always knew when it was over she might need to find a more practical career choice. Lauren knew she had to be creating something and working with her hands but other than that, she didn’t really have a clear direction. It was her sister that suggested flowers for Lauren. She has always loved flowers but assumed that was something everyone was just born with. She started searching and finding designers she admired on Instagram and travelled to take workshops from some of those people. To get started Lauren would just go buy loose flowers from the market and put them together and take them apart again and again. Lauren worked in a shop for a couple years and then was encouraged by a fellow designer to spread her wings and go out on her own. And thus, Coyote Flowers was born. Coyote Flowers is a boutique floral studio in Toronto, Canada. Designing with the unconventional in mind, they aim to create meaningful compositions in flowers of unravelling beauty. Conscious of the emotional intent behind every piece, special importance placed on the movement throughout. Coyote Flowers’ style can be described as sculptural, juxtaposing edgy with feminine.

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