European Master Certification – EMC

European Master Certification – EMC

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European Master Certification – EMC

About European Master Certification – EMC

What is EMC?
European Master Certification (EMC) is an educational platform that exposes designers to the Infinite Creative Effect (ICE) with a driven, engaged, and passionate team.

Designers are introduced to new design styles, shapes, color combinations, techniques, materials, and creative ways of using those materials. The EMC program teaches its students to look at flowers closely to discover the differences in their personalities, emotions, and possibilities – and learn to use them at their full potential.

EMC will create a culture of engaging floral creatives to discover their own potential. As well as creating a community that is stimulated by the same ambition to grow and reach new heights within the floral industry worldwide.

We believe ultimately, each of us, as designers are continually seeking and yearn for continual creative ideas and ambitions. This only comes from taking the knowledge that we are taught and implementing it to the “knowing” stage. Once this has been achieved, we allow ourselves to be changed and open to becoming a “consciously creative”–not seeking out the next trendy “trick or tip”, as we discover there are infinite possibilities that surround us to create. Hence, our core program brings this to fruition for students graduating with the European Master Certification.

Executive & Team Members
The European Master Certification (EMC) is a Belgium Company, EMC International bvba. The Shareholders are comprised of Tomas De Bruyne and Christi Lopez AIFD EMC.

EMC, co-founded in 2011, was the brainchild of internationally renowned floral designers Tomas De Bruyne & Hitomi Gilliam. It is now run by the EMC Core Team of graduates led by Tomas De Bruyne.

EMC Core Program (2 parts) is focused on craftsmanship and the floral design process. In order to apply the knowledge, one must first learn the theory. These building blocks offer the students the ability to boost their creativity and discover their signature design style. EMC Graduates, thanks in part to their EMC education have made their mark on the Floral Industry worldwide and are emerging leaders in the Floral Art World.

Officially Recognized
Your education will be certified by the Belgium Chamber of Commerce as well as The Royal Belgium Floral Association. Once certified, you will able to add the distinguished “EMC” initials to your name, as well as referred to as a European Master Certified designer.

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EMC Int'l BV, St Elooisstraat 105, 8020 Ruddervoorde Oostkamp, Belgium


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