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Since 1995 Ko Kolk Hortensia BV is growing and breeding Hydrangeas on their nursery. The current surface of their glasshouse is 23000 square meters. Good varieties for cut-flower production bloom every year, are free-flowering, push the flowers till late in the autumn trough, and develop fully flower-heads. This is something pot plant varieties don’t do. Because they are selected for other use. They don’t flower in one season, but close the flower-bud in autumn, and develop flowers in the next year. The second important thing is the color, the shape, and the hardness of the flower-heads.

The assortment is mainly improved by breeding inside the company, where Ko Kolk Hortensia BV put in a lot of effort. In the last few years they developed some very successful and leading varieties. These varieties are positively tested on free-flowering, high quality and are being limited issued by our propagator and agent; Van Klaveren Plant.

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