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Anthura is the worldwide specialist in Anthurium and Orchids. With our extensive knowledge of genetics and young plants, we decorate the world with colourful flowers and plants, by developing innovative and sustainable products for growers and consumers. With the assistance of a highly motivated team of professionals, we translate developments in breeding and production techniques and consumer trends into new varieties. Our company contributes to the biodiversity in our environment and, while respecting natural resources, makes the world a better place for present and future generations.

Innovation and sustainability play a central role in the way Anthura works and thinks. We develop new cultivation techniques to achieve the most efficient possible production and sales process of Orchids and Anthurium. Years of focus on innovative and sustainable product development have also resulted in an unlimited assortment of colourful varieties. Thanks to our knowledge of genetics and our expert selection process, we are able to offer our customers strong plants in amazing colours with a long flowering period. Hundreds of growers in professional horticulture and millions of consumers all over the world prefer our products.

As an innovative organization, Anthura focuses on continuous improvement in terms of the quality and versatility of its varieties and efficient production processes. Together with our customers, we develop a strategy to make them our primary focus in the market.

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Anthura BV, Anthuriumweg 14, 2665 KV Bleiswijk, Nederland


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