Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

Leaves collected in the botanical gardens of Porto decorated with colored tapes

written by: Yellowtrace | 14-11-2020

Wonderplants by Sarah Illenberger

A Photographic Series

We are really fond of creatives like Sarah Illenberger – the spontaneous types who don’t stop thinking or making, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. ‘Wonderplants’ is the perfect example of such an attitude, a photographic series Illenberger created during a six-week summer holiday in Portugal.




Vibrant Surroundings

Inspired by her vibrant surroundings, Illenberger collected leaves from botanical gardens throughout the country and decorated them with patterns inspired by the infamous Portuguese ‘azuelos’ tiles, using colorful tapes and stickers found in local hardware stores. The resulting series of images are full of cheerful simplicity that makes you smile, perfectly capturing the spirit of having a good time in a good place.



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