Why Choose MPS-ABC?

MPS helps make the global horticulture sector more sustainable

written by: MPS | 01-10-2020


About MPS – Driven by sustainability

The MPS Group supports horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their efforts to operate more sustainably. MPS offers them a complete package to make quality and sustainability transparent, measurable, and demonstrable. To this end, MPS develops innovative certification standards and on and offline tools.


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MPS-ABC is more than just a certificate

It is a monitoring tool that helps companies make the necessary adjustment to reduce their environmental impact. By recording usage, measurements can be made to determine how sustainable a company’s production is. This leads to a more conscious use of resources, and growers can use the data to keep making their company even more sustainable.



Why choose MPS-ABC?

Obtaining an MPS-ABC certificate makes your environmental performance more transparent. This is why MPS-ABC is the first step towards demonstrably sustainable business operations. Besides monitoring, you can also use the certificate for marketing purposes. After all, it distinguishes your company from others. In addition, the certification can bring more structure to your business operations and provide openness towards society.
Other reasons to choose for MPS-ABC:

– Personal service and guidance
– Help with start-up, if desired at your company
– MPS meets FSI requirements
– Clear cost structure: all-in-one price with no hidden costs
– Ease of use: easily record your usage online
– Developed together with growers
– Digital overviews every quarter: gain insight into your usage and where you can improve


Information sessions in your area

MPS organizes information sessions to share experiences with business partners and to meet colleagues. If you are interested to join a session, click here.



What can MPS-ABC environmental certification mean for your company?


How does a grower experience digital environmental record-keeping with MPS-ABC?


Download more information

Below you can download three PDF documents for you to save on your computer.


Download ‘Working Towards sustainable horticulture’  PDF here


Download ‘MPS-Group’ PDF here


MPS - Towards FSI2020 with MPS 01
Download ‘Towards FSI2020’ PDF here


Contact details & Social links

For more information go to the website of MPS, or please contact service & support via [email protected].

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