Turning Your Favorite Blossoms into Flower Jewelry

Floral design trend: jewelry with real flowers

written by: Thursd. | 16-10-2020

Nature’s Most Incredible Treasures

Flowers are as unique as the people who choose them and their beauty makes them some of nature’s most incredible treasures. The real flower jewelry trend lets you make the most of your favorite blossoms, with spectacular fresh flowers for intricate designs, or very practical preserved ones for everyday wear. And what about plants? Today, we are exploring different ways to enjoy the look of real flower jewelry.


Structural flower design by Alina Popa
Source: Alina Popa


From Traditional to Contemporary Flower Jewelry

The USP of fresh floral jewelry is that it is available in a plethora of flowers, shapes, colors, designs, and styles. It is a recurring trend that gains and loses some of its popularity from year to year but it is nothing new. In fact, people have been designing these wearable decorations for centuries; think of Hawaii’s traditional leis or the exquisite Mehndi floral jewelry worn in India.


Jewelry with real flowers
Source: Absolutely Loved Photography


Modern-Day Brides

Jewelry with real flowers has also become a quintessential choice of modern-day brides who want to experiment with their style and look for the wedding functions. Nowadays, more brides – and grooms – want to break the traditional appearance on one of the most important days of their lives and are ready to hop onto anything that they find unique and appealing.


Floral headpiece with fresh flowers
Source: Hochzeits Guide


Floral design trend: jewelry with real flowers
Source: Marry Mania


Types of Flower Jewelry

Just like your regular gold or silver jewelry, you can get all kinds of ornaments made out of flowers. From neckpieces to danglers, waist-belts, anklets, rings, tiaras, or bracelets, it is completely customizable to fit anyone’s preferences, whether you like something traditional or choose for a more contemporary style.


real flowers anklet
Source: Polka Dot Bride


flower jewelry hairpin
Source: Sweet Root


Preserved Flowers

Needless to say, just like a bouquet, these lovely creations only stay fresh for a short amount of time. You can add other embellishments such as crystals, pearls, beads, etc. so that even when the flowers wilt, some of the beauty stays intact, but this type of perishable floral jewelry is meant for same-day wear. If you love the look of real flower jewelry but are looking for something that lasts longer, opt for a design with dried flowers. When treated with care, preserved real flower jewelry can last for years.


dried flowel jewelry hair comb
Source: Etsy


dried flower jewelry earrings
Source: Etsy


dried flowers hat decoration
Source: Reed + Rye


Don’t Forget to Water Your Ring

It doesn’t stop with just flowers, though. Jewelry made with real plants is on the rise too. Succulents, for example, are perfect for turning into botanical accessories. You can wear these live plants up to several weeks before separating them from the base and potting them. They make for wonderful symbolic gifts, seeing as you can replant them and enjoy the greenery for years to come.


floral crown with live plants
Source: Francoise Weeks


succulent ring
Source: Tobey Nelson


live plant jewelry
Source: Aisle Society

No matter what kind you choose, real flower jewelry can make a charming addition to any look. These beautiful creations add a unique touch to special occasions but are also a lovely way to enjoy nature’s beauty, wherever you are.

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