Translating Indiscernible Audio into Kinetic Sound Sculptures (With Flowers too)

Dialogo: a frenzied short film where objects react to soundscapes

written by: Thursd. | 06-01-2021

Ceramic carved phonemes, petal-made equalizers, neon oscilloscopes, water and soil as graphical notations, dichroic reflections on sound surfaces. “Dialogue” is an essay about sound, language, and their visual representation. The encounter of two voices triggers a conversation, an unintelligible dialogue where objects react to soundscapes.

Dialogue means change



Hand-Crafted Sculptures

Using entirely hand-crafted sculptures by the Madrid-based design studio blo que, and using natural elements like wood and flowers, and mechanics, “Dialogo” is a short film in which sounds are translated into visuals.



Creating new Associations

It is  a mix of stop-motion and live-action. The short film features mechanics and sounds into movement, whether through an undulating tube of neon or oscillating florals. So creating new associations like a conversation between the senses.



The Voice of Nature

To represent the original audio in a visual manner, Blo Que uses and converts the speech waveforms into animation curves, which subsequently mobilises the sculpture’s engines. The studio Says:

“This is the voice of nature and order or the control of what cannot be controlled, the passing of time in nature (freezing, rotting, etc.) is connected to the time of sound reproduction. This bond creates relationships between human emotions, language, and nature.”

Blo Que details the lengthy creation process for the film on the website.


Sound sculptures Blo Que on Thursd

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