This Makes Us Want to Become an Even Better Grower

New kid Middenweg Flowers is fueled by enthusiasm and will to improve

written by: Thursd. | 16-09-2020

Middenweg Flowers To Be Decorum Growers

Decorum’s New Member

Why does a grower want to become a Decorum grower? And how do you become one? What better grower to ask than the latest addition to the broad pallet of growers under the Decorum umbrella than Dutch iris grower Middenweg Flowers? Read how their enthusiasm and will to improve lead them to their membership.


Middenweg Flowers To Be Decorum Growers


It’s Always Been About Irises

Can Kaya is gradually taking over the business that his father Murat started fifteen years ago. “It has always been about growing irises”, Can explains. Middenweg has an assortment of regular varieties: blue irises are Hong Kong, Prof Blaauw, Chopin, and, of course, Blue Magic. In the white range, they grow Casablanca, Alaska, and White Magic.



Dyeing Irises

Casablanca and White Magic are excellent varieties do dye, if you know the way to do it. And exactly that is the specialty of Middenweg Flowers. They possess the knowledge and experience to create a completely new product by dyeing their whites. Because they grow both in the greenhouse and outdoors, dyed irises are produced. From roughly October until June the indoor White Magic brings the magic, while in the summer months it’s the Casablanca that is given added value. The result is an additional line of specialties, with names like iris Sapphire, Scarlett, Céladon, and Magenta.

Year-round and Worldwide

The irises by Middenweg are supplied year-round. Can explains: “In the winter we sell more varieties like blue magic because they fir well in wintery bouquets. Our busiest period is around International Women’s Day since Russia accounts for 60% of all our flowers. About 20% is destined for the UK, and the other 20% is for the rest of the world, also to the USA.”


Middenweg Flowers To Be Decorum Growers
Can Kaya


Becoming a Decorum Grower

In January 2021 Middenweg Flowers will be officially presented as a member of Decorum. Can Kaya is very proud of this. He sees it not only as ‘just a membership’ but much more as an achievement of his labor and the will to become an even better grower, supported by the Decorum team.

Can Kaya: “I was invited to become a member of Decorum. That does not mean that you would just join and that’s it. Before that Decorum does an extensive check-up of who you are and how customers experience your company and the quality of your produce. You must show to be innovative, being able to cooperate with fellow-growers, and being able to keep your agreements. It’s not about ‘me’, but rather about ‘us’.



Our Iris Assortment on Decorum

We will make all of our varieties, over a dozen, available for Decorum. The dyed irises will be exclusively sold with the Decorum brand. It will still be recognizable as Middenweg because our logo will be visible as well.

Why Would a Florist Buy Decorum?

Can Kaya is very straight forward when he sums up the benefits for florists to go for Decorum flowers and plants: “Decorum is very strict, very clear in their demands towards growers. You have to supply quality, or otherwise, you are being put on hold. Because when you perform not well enough, you cause damage to the Decorum brand. Therefore, if I were a florist and I would buy Decorum, I would be assured of its quality. I would be able to buy these products with my eyes shut.”


Middenweg Flowers To Be Decorum Growers


A Future with Decorum

One of the core values for decorum is Innovation. Can Kaya recognizes this in its overall brand design, always improving to be on top. Innovation brings attention to the brand. This is important for being future-proof.

Sustainability is also a big issue, now and towards the future. Middenweg complies with the sustainability goals of Decorum. “This was not so very hard”, Can Kaya explains, “because irises do not need a lot of special nutrients, mainly water. We collect rainwater, so we do not use the water from the ditches here. The occasional battling diseases is done with certified materials only. We use very little gas and do not have any illumination ins our greenhouse.”


Middenweg Flowers Grower on Thursd


Can Kaya: “I think we will have a great future. Decorum stands for quality, cooperation. We will not only use the know-how of the people at Decorum but from over fifty growers who all share their knowledge. I am a young grower, only 21 years old. I can learn so much from the established Decorum growers.

I am sure that the quality of my flowers will improve even further. Besides this, despite our current good reputation, being a member will give an additional boost to our company’s image. I think every grower would benefit from being a Decorum grower.”


Middenweg Flowers To Be Decorum Growers

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