There’s Just Soooo Much What You Can Do With the Calla Lily

Calla Lily, don’t you just love this flower? The shape, the colors, the long, slim stems: this flower is really distinct and elegant. And suitable for any occasion.

written by: Thursd. | 05-10-2021

Calla lily is a flower for any occasion - on Thursd - Header

The calla lily is a symbol of purity. In current fashion trends, minimalism is on the rise – an embellishment-free, simple take on life. Calla lilies are simple as it is. There are many ways in which you can incorporate these amazing flowers. Calla flowers fit well in many different kinds of floral design. From very abstract, and modern designs to frivolous and extravagant designs. And everything in between. A flower to always find in every flower shop.


Quote Calla - article on Thursd


Calla Lily = Beautiful

Calla lilies are beautiful flowers that have taken their name from the Greek word calla, meaning beautiful. Many people love the calla lilly as they are. Just plain calla lilies, because they are considered symbols of purity and renewal. You can see that in the floral design below of Japanese artist Yuji Kobayashi.


Geometric Green by Yuji Kobayashi - Calla
Design:小林 祐治 – Yuji Kobayashi, at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Did you know the calla lily is not technically a lily? The long trumpet-like petal is more of a leaf. Like lilies, calla lilies also have many different meanings, some of which are contradictory. Calla lilies are symbols of innocence, passion (purple calla lily), and fertility and yet, they are also related to death and rebirth. Hence, calla lily floral designs can have deep hidden meanings. If you want your floral design to strike out among general floral designs, then you should check the different floral designs present here and get a few calla lily design ideas.

The Colors of the Calla Lily and Their Meaning

Calla lily colors have their own significance. White calla lily represents innocence and is considered good luck. White Calla are often used for bridal work. A classic is the mono bridal bouquet with just white calla flowers.


Images by @vos.istanbul


The color black shows mystery. And in the design below, floral designer Diana Toma chose the black calla lily, and arranged it with Tillandsia Xerographica and Ranunculus Asiaticus in a dark burgundy shade. Diana Toma:

“The calla lily best suited the bride’s personality, it’s beautiful clear lines and delicate texture being representative for her straightforward attitude balanced with natural elegance.”


Black Wedding - Diana Toma - Author on Thursd. Featured
A black wedding bouquet by Diana Toma


The color purple is passion, red is beauty and pinks are all about appreciation. Yellow represents friendliness. If you feel connected to a specific color, there’s always a calla lily that best represent you. That calla can be fun too, and doesn’t have to be serious, you can see in the design below.


Underwater Callas by Funny How Flowers Do That


And If you’re creative, you can transform a simple flower into an empowering statement. French floral designer Sarah Willemart decided for this design below to go with Thursd’s trend color of 2021′ ‘Scorched Earth‘.


Callas for a Scorched Earth by Sarah Willemart
Thursd Trend Color ‘Scorched Earth‘ design by Sarah Willemart


On What Occasions Should I Get Calla Lily?

Calla Lily, don’t you just love this flower?  The shape, the colors, the long, slim stems: this flower is really distinct and elegant. And suitable for any occasion. Calla lilies pair well with roses for romantic and elegant bouquets. They also pair well with full blooms, such as peonies and hydrangea. However, it’s not only flowers that look great with calla lilies. Greenery, such as eucalyptus and ivy, can add a bit of wispiness to an arrangement that includes structured callas.


Because the calla lily flower means purity and innocence, it often appears at weddings. However, it’s also a lovely bloom to send to congratulate the happy couple.


Calla wedding flower design - on Thursd - lindsey-preston-trump-winery-wedding
Picture by: Ctylercorvin



Of course, the calla lily is the sixth-anniversary flower, but it’s also an appropriate gift to honor a couple no matter how long they’ve been married.


Anniversary Calla flower design - on Thursd - flowers.powers.amsterdam
Picture by: @flowers.powers.amsterdam



Again, due to the symbolism and association with Christ and Mary, they are appropriate for any religious holiday, including Easter.


Easter Calla flower design - on Thursd - Simply Calla
Picture by: @simply Calla


Valentine’s Day

Pink means admiration, which makes it a fabulous Valentine flower. You could also give red or purple to your love. If you want to send an arrangement as a secret admirer, black is the way to go.


Valentine's Day calla design
Picture by @is_green_leaf



Gratitude is commonly expressed after someone gives years of service. Therefore, yellow and orange calla lilies are ideal to say how thankful you are.


Retirement Calla flower design - on Thursd - bajecnekvety
Picture by: @bajecnekvety



Depending on whose birthday it is, send an appropriate color to show love, gratefulness, or appreciation.


Picture by @Helena Flower



Since the calla lily symbolizes rebirth, they give hope to grieving families. The religious associations also make the flower appropriate to give when someone passes.


Picture by: @blumencenter_peters


Calla Always Available

Typically available year-round, florists can obtain calla lilies at any time, which means no matter in what season you like to create your floral design, calla lilies can be a part of it.


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