The Marigold Fields in Puebla, Flowers of the Dead

In Mexico, there are beautiful fields full of marigolds, which anticipate the arrival of the Day of the Dead.

written by: Thursd. | 31-10-2020

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Marigold Flowers

Have a look at the beauty of the cempasúchil (Mexican for marigold) fields in Puebla, filled with blossoming flowers. Ready to be harvested to be used for the Day of the Dead.

Autumn has arrived and with it the most beautiful festival, full of Mexican tradition. In the fall season, the houses of the people in Mexico are filled with offerings that show their roots. And with candles that bring light after the sunset. Offerings that rejoice the hearts of the people for the arrival of the deceased.


Marigold fields


The marigold flower in vibrant orange is the element that gives life to these altars. You may not know it, but there are fields of cempasúchil very close to Mexico City. When around, make sure to get there.



Flower of the Dead

The flower of marigolds is in Mexico also known as the ‘flower of the dead’ and is a native flower to Mexico. Its use dates back to the ancestors, the Aztecs, who used it in ceremonial rites. And it is even present in some monuments, such as the Coyolxauhqui monolith, where the marigolds are used as part of the goddess’s headdress.


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Flower with Twenty Petals

Although this vibrant orange flower was used by the Aztecs, its use is not widely documented. What we know about it comes from the writings of the Spanish explorers who studied the culture of the Mexican ancestors. Thanks to Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, we know that the name cempasúchil comes from cempoalxóchitl which means ‘flower with twenty petals’.


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Color of the Sun

The Aztecs used the marigold flowers as a guide for their dead, because they associated the vibrant orange color, with our biggest star, the sun. Cempasúchil flowers were placed on the altars, offerings, and burials of their dead so that the vibrant orange color would guide them.


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Close to Mexico City You Find the Puebla Region

Puebla is a state full of magic. It has the largest number of ‘magical towns’ in the State of Mexico: a total of nine small towns, full of traditions and magic. But that’s not all in Puebla, because it also houses beautiful, larger fields of marigolds, full in blossom in fall.

The flowers are sown from mid-July so that in October the harvest is ready to be distributed throughout the Mexican Republic. There are different fields of cempasúchil in Puebla, but the most characteristic ones, where you can take tours to be taught the history of this flower, are in Atlixco and Cholula.





At 30 kilometers to the southwest of the city of Puebla is Atlixco, where in addition to seeing the cempasúchil fields, you can also take the opportunity to admire its monumental rugs, made of this flower.





For its part, Cholula is perhaps the closest option if you depart from the center of Puebla. It is located 7 kilometers to the west of the capital of the Mexican state. Here, in addition to finding the beautiful fields of the ‘flowers of the dead’, you can also find the best traditional cuisine, and visit the largest pyramid in the world: the pyramid of Cholula.




It’s highly recommended to learn more about the flowers of the dead whilst visiting the marigold fields in the state of Puebla in October.


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