The Joy of Picking your Own Flowers

An easy way to create buzz on the shop floor in summer time!

written by: 365 days of flowers | 29-07-2020

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‘To pick your own’ flowers give a sense of freedom – picking it yourself is great fun! All that picking also creates some buzz on the shop floor, which is useful on hot summer days.

A Real Summer Activity

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When temperatures rise to summer heights, you need to do something extra to attract customers to your shop. With ‘pick your own’ flowers, for instance. Picking flowers is a real summer activity, and there are lots of flowers available now. If possible, place the flowers for picking outdoors. Then you’ll be sure that they will be noticed!

Creating a ‘Pick Your Own’ Garden

A ‘pick your own’ display consists of vases (possibly placed in a wooden container or cart) filled with the finest flowers for picking – preferably varieties that can take a knock. Let customers pick their own flowers from this and take a look at their faces. Broad smiles? That’s the joy of picking your own!


Clearly indicate how many flowers customers can pick for a particular amount. Come up with three price categories, for example.


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