The Infinity® Roses Season Starts

Environmentally friendly pot roses, with big flowers

written by: Roses Forever | 12-02-2021

The Infinity Roses Season Starts

Infinity® Roses is a series of very long-lasting pot roses. These easy-to-grow pot roses all have an X-factor. Rosa Eskelund of Danish top breeder Roses Forever presents this series with a peek into their catalog.



Very Thick, Very Big

Infinity roses have very thick stems and very big flowers Ø 7-8cms. The stems are strong. For the shops, these roses are easy to sell because of their special look and long-lasting flowers. The flowers are well-shaped and filled with more than 100 petals. The buds are big and nice. The leaves are big shining and dark green.


The Infinity Roses Season Starts


Indoor and Outdoor

Infinity roses are wonderful indoor and can be planted outdoors in the season. They are grown in pot-sizes Ø 10.5, 12, and 15cms, and as a special product in Ø 21cms bowls. The series includes colors white, green, pink, red, soft rose, and orange.


The Infinity Roses Season Starts


Easy to Grow

As a breeder, I am very happy with this series of Infinity roses as they are easy to grow and in only 10 weeks of production time. This means also that less energy is used per plant; the grower can make more plants in the same m2 greenhouses because of the short culture time. Easy to grow means also that nearly all of the plants become one quality.



Environmentally Friendly

Infinity Roses are environmentally friendly pot roses since they are always grown close to the consumer all over the world.


The Infinity Roses Season Starts


More Infinity

Here are six of Infinity Roses’ beautiful colors, all with large filled flowers and extra-long durability.


The Infinity Roses Season Starts


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The Infinity Roses Season Starts
Rosa Eskelund

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