The Comeback of Pampas Grass

The perfect alternative for weddings

written by: Thursd. | 07-04-2021

wordpress header The Comeback of Pampas Grass

Last year’s internet gem: Cortaderia sellona, commonly known as pampas grass! Everywhere you look, you will keep spotting these beautiful (dried) grasses. From impressive arches to intimate table settings and boho-chic bouquets; you’ll find them all over the place.

Pampas Grass Instead of Foliage

Most people are familiar with the large clumps of lush, grass-like foliage and creamy white feathery plumes of pampas grass. Pampas grass (Cortaderia) is an attractive ornamental grass that is popular in many landscapes, but also a huge favorite for bouquets, arrangements, and decor as dried cut foliage. This native to South America flowering plant was named after the region it grows in. There are around 25 species to choose from that can reach a height of 3 meters.



One of the Top Pick’s For the Wedding Season

Rumor has it that pampas grass is also known as a secret signal used by people who are happy to indulge in partner-swapping or ”swinging.” Because of this, it had fallen significantly out of favor a couple of years ago, though it used to be a very popular product in the 70s. It looks like this swingers association has taken a backseat to the beauty of the product itself because according to the internet, pampas grass is, once again, going to be one of the top pick products for this year’s wedding season.


The Comeback of Pampas Grass Wedding


Pampas Grass Can Do the Heavy Lifting

With a rustic, almost wild, feel to the product, it is perfect for doing all the heavy lifting in floral arrangements. If you’re a fan of boho chic or are following the ‘taking the outdoors inside’ trend in the wedding industry, pampas grass fits the bill. Also, there is no water or foam needed to keep it hydrated in an arrangement. Score!



Fits Our Eco-Friendly Desires

With an ocean full of garbage, it’s safe to say we’re all more aware of the waste we produce in the floral industry. Recycling and re-using are hot topics, and pampas grass perfectly fits our current eco-friendly desires: it dries beautifully, lasts forever, and requires zero maintenance. They bloom in late summer and are available as cut flowers through wholesale, so start asking for these early fall, around October. Thankfully, dried pampas grass is available year-round.


The Comeback of Pampas Grass Tablescape
Picture via @vanessajaimesfloraldesign


The Comeback of Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet
Picture via @vanessajaimesfloraldesign


To sum it all up: Dried grasses have made a comeback. Pampas has a boho-chic aesthetic that works exceptionally well with neutral color schemes and adds a romantic feel to any arch or aisle. Plus, it’s pretty much immortal. What’s not to like?

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