Reliable Products For a Large Scale Installation

Passionflower Sue shares with us her go-to products

written by: Mayesh | 02-09-2020

Reliable Products For A Large Scale Installation - Mayesh - header on thursd

Susan (Sue) Mcleary of Passionflower Sue is known for her large-scale installations and has spent quite a long time figuring out what flowers hold up best in an installation without much access to water. Sue was kind enough to share her findings with us, and we’ve put together a list of materials that she has found to last the duration of an event (7+ hours).

Foliage and Flowers

These materials will perform best inside, and in outdoor settings that aren’t subjected to prolonged periods of direct sun. All of the materials should be properly conditioned and hydrated before use. Design with the shape of the material in mind – allow cascading, weeping, or materials with heavy heads to “hang” naturally in the design instead of forcing them upright.

Sue gathered a list of foliage and flowers for a floral artist to use. Some flowers have soft or fleshy stems that may sag with time, but the blooms will hold well. Take this into consideration, and choose your placements accordingly.


Susan Mcleary - Mayesh - Reliable Products For a Large Scale Installation
Sue Mcleary


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