Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow

See France through an infrared lens

written by: Thursd. | 04-12-2020

wordpress header Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow

Infrared photography makes visible what we normally cannot see with our own eyes. Photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer does this beautifully by showing us around the French Dordogne through his yellow-colored glasses. Or better, his yellow-filtered camera lens. By using a special kind of filter in combination with infrared, he managed to capture the vibrant French region in stunning yellow hues.

Infrared Photos by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

We mainly know infrared photos in red and pink tones. But thanks to a special photographic technique, which allowed him to play with colors, Ferrer added an extra dimension to the typical idyllic images from the Dordogne. Pierre-Louis Ferrer visited multiple well-known places for this photo series, such as the castle garden of Marqueyssac with its whimsical shapes. The place becomes even more impressive highlighted by the yellow tones.


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures the Dordogne in France


The World in Canary Yellow

The mesmerizing effect of yellow in his photographs is achieved by combining visible and infrared light. Every plant species reacts differently to this technique, due to the light. His main subjects are trees and foliage because they respond well under infrared light, but he does have to edit them here and there to enhance the canary yellow because some plants take on the color a little easier than others.


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures the Dordogne in France


Be Careful With Nature

Although it’s relatively easy to find yellow in nature, he ensures that it becomes the dominant color in his work. But he didn’t make these fairytale-like photographs for fun: with his work, Pierre-Louis Ferrer hopes to achieve that we become more aware of our environment and therefore be more careful with nature. His main intention is to invite the viewers to appreciate nature in our own environments, and he uses yellow to draw attention to the little nature that we still have left in our streets, cities, towns, and countries.


 Nature Captured in Yellow Yellow Trees


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow Dordogne in France


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow


Nature in Yellow


Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow


To see more of Pierre-Louis Ferrer’s work, which features infrared shots of nature in beautiful reds and whites too, visit his website.

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