Picking Bouquets Are the Newest Flower Trend

Get your shot of handpicked happiness

written by: All I Am | 19-08-2021

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Picking bouquets are the newest flower trend. Allium, nerine, and agapanthus are beautiful in these cheerful bouquets which look just like you’ve picked and tied them yourself. Delightfully casual and colorful, they give real exuberance. And that’s sure to bring you handpicked happiness!

Picking Flowers

Allium, nerine, and agapanthus are must-have flowers for your picking bouquet. The growers pick these flowers without leaves. This makes the slender stems stand out beautifully. They also ensure that the flowers create a wonderful tall effect in the bouquet. You can also use the large round Allium as a shorter flower in your bouquet. The more height differences there are, the more casual and natural your picking bouquet will look.


Picking Bouquets Are the Newest Flower Trend - quote


Mix & Match

As well as using different heights, you can also create variety with flower shapes and colors. A mix of striking colors will make your picking bouquet sparkle. Imagine bright pink nerine, radiant blue agapanthus, and purple allium. For a chic effect, choose flowers in one shade or create a tonal effect.


Picking Bouquets Are the Newest Flower Trend - bouquet
Design by Hanneke Frankema. Image by @alliamflowers


Bridal Flowers

From the table at home to a festive gift, picking bouquets refuse to be pigeonholed. They are becoming increasingly common as a bridal bouquet, and are especially well suited to casual weddings. You can also repeat the flowers in small vases on the table. And an assortment of vases with picking flowers looks great in your home!



Where to Get?

All I Am is a club of adventurous growers, joined by traders and florists. They passionately believe allium, nerine, and agapanthus are tomorrow’s must-have flowers. From a wedding party to the catwalk, these flowers are going to conquer the world. That’s why All I Am brings together the tallest, biggest, most spectacular flowers, by the world’s best growers. Together, they’re building a bright future for these fantastic flowers.


Picking Bouquets Are the Newest Flower Trend - allium
Allium Schubertii. Image by @alliamflowers


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