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The Flirty Fleurs newsletter is one you definitely want to get in your mailbox. Find the subscribe link in the article

written by: Thursd. | 21-02-2021

Newsletters in Floriculture You Don't Want to Miss - Flirty Fleurs - Header

The Flirty Fleurs Newsletter – a Newsletter You Don’t Want to Miss

Newsletters are a valuable marketing resource. And an important source of information. In the flower industry more and more companies start to acknowledge this, and start writing them as such. One of the newsletters in the industry you don’t want to miss, is the Flirty Fleurs Newsletter by Alicia Schwede.

Flirty Fleurs Newsletter

You can view the latest newsletter by clicking here. You can subscribe to the newsletter of Flirty Fleurs by following this link: http://eepurl.com/hU65A.


Flirty Fleurs Newsletter Header


Floral design, podcasts, guest blog posts, info about products and designs, classes, and general info about everything related to flowers, you can find it all in this great newsletter. Don’t forget to visit the inspiring website as well at flirtyfleurs.com


Flirty Fleurs newsletter


Flirty Fleurs

Thoughtful musings of florists who adore florists and flowers …
From the about page on the flirty fleurs website:

Flirty Fleurs is a blog about flowers and the floral designers who make them into art. Creativity and the art of ‘making’ require dialogue.  The full purpose of the Flirty Fleurs blog is to encourage and inspire.  We value art, we value insight, and we value opinion.


Blog stories on Flirty Fleurs website
Blog stories on Flirty Fleurs website


Your Newsletter on Thursd?

Newsletters are a great way for companies to communicate with clients and followers. They generate leads and sales that will help businesses grow. Especially in floriculture. There’s so much beauty to share! So much to tell. Do you already create an awesome newsletter? And would you like to showcase your newsletter on Thursd?

Get more info about how to submit your newsletter to the weekly column ‘Newsletters in floriculture you don’t want to miss’ by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. When your newsletter is published on the website, you will be published in the Thursd newsletters too (subscribe Thursd newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/gy8xl5), to be sure of a large extra numbers of subscribers.


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