Mysterious Anthurium Nero

The mystique around the imperial anthurium Nero will be revealed here, today

written by: Thursd. | 13-05-2020

Wijnen Anthurium Nero

If there would be one Anthurium that deserves the title ‘Mysterious’ it would be Nero. This black beauty is bred by Anthura and grown by Wijnen Anthuriums. The mystique around this imperial flower will be revealed here, today.

‘Nero’ means black in every way. In the Italian language, the word literally translates into English as ‘black’. This color also sticks to the bearer of the name Nero, the Roman emperor from the year 39 to 68 AD.

Wijnen Anthurium Nero

Roman Emperor Nero

Nero was a mysterious figure. The Roman emperor was not a nice guy. Actually, he was a tyrant who had no problem in getting rid of his enemies. He even set Rome on fire to be able to rebuild it in an overly extravagant way. In short, he lived up to what his name suggested: a black mind. On the other hand, he was very artistic and fashionable. Nero studied poetry, music, painting, and sculpture and he was allegedly a fantastic singer.

One of Nero’s final words were “Qualis artifex pereo.” (“What an artist dies in me.”). Perhaps that is why in our modern age we’ve almost forgotten who Nero really was and remember his extravagance imperialistic ways in the mysteriously black Anthurium Nero.

Wijnen Anthurium Nero
Growers Joan and Nancy Wijnen


The Flower Anthurium Nero

The flower anthurium Nero is best characterized as ton sur ton black with a mysterious look. Yes, it is really black… Or do we see a glimpse of dark brown and deep red too? Either way, Nero has a striking look. The cohesion of the pistil and the spathe provide a tropical look.

Grower Joan Wijnen about the use of Nero: “Anthurium Nero can be perfectly combined with other types of colors and flowers, with Nero radiating warmth and exclusivity. The shelf life of Nero is excellent. And on top of that, this black beauty gives stems with a length of up to 85 cm, so it’s hard to miss this mysterious eye-catcher.”

Wijnen Anthurium Nero

Special thanks to Wijnen Anthuriums and XAnthu for their contribution to this story.

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