‘Menta & Friends’ Is a Stunning Rose Collection

Four amazing roses

written by: Thursd. | 03-09-2021

Roses, the “Queen of the Flowers,” have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Their cultivation dates back to at least Greek and Roman times. Many varieties are descendants of ancient garden plants in China, Persia, and Turkey.

While the idea of a dozen long-stemmed roses may be the first image that comes to mind for many, the world of roses is varied and diverse. Wild roses grow in all corners of the world, in many habitats ranging from forests, along coastlines and rivers, to high mountain elevations.


Picture by piqsels.com


Florist Roses

Not to mention the roses that have been created (bred) for the cut flower industry. That is a whole different story. These are the florist roses. Flowers are produced mostly one bloom to a stem, with long, straight, upright canes; in many amazing colors.

Creating New Roses

Breeding a new rose is a long and labor-intensive process and even with years of experience and research, the results can often be surprising and unpredictable. Today, roses in all colors of the rainbow are available to florists around the world. Estimated is that right now around 1.000 varieties are commercially grown at farms around the world.




Some colors of roses that have not been in demand for years suddenly can become trending. Prices rise quickly in those cases because unfortunately, it is not possible for growers to decide to sell more quickly. It takes time to grow new roses. New rose plants have to be multiplied and the young rose plants need some time to produce the first flowers.

Rose Menta

A good example of such a variety is Rose Menta. According to many, rose Menta is a must-have for bridal florists! Menta is a very strong rose that is richly filled and completely opens in bloom. Her unique color is a difficult one to describe, from creamy lavender, silvery pink to mocha and dark vanilla. They are grown in pretty large numbers, but hardly enough to fulfill the rising demand for earthy-toned flowers. Of which Menta is a great example.



Menta & Friends

To accompany this color, and to inform their customers of similar, special varieties (with completely different, but supplementing colors) the people from Decofresh have created the series ‘Menta & Friends’.



Four Amazing Roses

The pale yellow rose ‘Cream It’, a golden one called ‘Heart of Gold’, the brown-mocha-toned ‘Pimms’, and of course, the rose Menta.



A one-stop-shop for roses

For Decofresh it is important that florists can find any color and shape in roses they like to have. With a very large selection of all different colors and shapes, Decofresh is in that sense like a one-stop-shop for roses, or how they also like to call it; a florist paradise. Existing varieties, but also many new introductions were first introduced by one of the nine growers that Decofresh closely works with. It can be said that Decofresh has successfully introduced the largest number of different varieties of all companies in floriculture in the past years.


Rose Heart of Gold. Picture by Lis Art


Contact Decofresh

Do you want to know more about the availability of our roses and how to create your own florist rose paradise with them? Do not hesitate to contact us! With around 200 different varieties of amazing and exclusive roses, as well as mainstream varieties and essentials, Decofresh is a one-stop rose shop.
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