Interplant prolong vase life of spray roses by 30%

Results show when spray roses are harvested at a more open cut stage, vase life improves

written by: Interplant Roses | 09-10-2019

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Research reveals simple trick to prolong vase life

Breeding company Interplant Roses, recently investigated the impact that the cut stage of spray roses has on the flowers vase life. By running these tests and sharing the results, Interplant Roses wants to improve florists’ understanding and experience and consumer perception of spray roses.

Their research department tested the vase life of spray roses when harvested at different cut stages. Results show when spray roses are harvested at cut stage 3 (CS3), vase life improves by up to 30%, in comparison with other cut stages. Furthermore, the flowers have a better opening and the percentage of drooping necks reduces considerably, provided that bacteria-free and clean water is being used. This finding is extremely important for the entire spray rose chain, from grower to consumer.

Vaselife improves when the right cut stage is maintained

At the end of 2018, Interplant Roses requested an independent company to conduct a qualitative study among florists and traders. “We were interested in understanding the perception of traders and florists regarding the quality of spray roses, especially since the demand for large headed spray roses has increased”, says Robert Ilsink, CEO of Interplant Roses….

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