Instaproof Summer Flowers with Holly Heider Chapple

Check out these summer flower installations at Hope Flower Farm!

written by: Thursd. | 29-07-2020

Insta-proof Summer Flower Installations with Holly Heider Chapple - Hope Flower Farm field - header on thursd

Despite the turbulent year it has been, Holly Heider Chapple proudly reinvents herself over and over again.

Quote Holly Chapple

Summertime is for New Ideas


Installation - Holly Heider Chapple - summer flowers


Re-invent Yourself During Summertime

These installations encourage followers and customers to buy flowers and visit Hope Flower Farm. The visitor is there for a fun Instagram moment which is inclusive of the purchase of fresh flowers. Holly’s Hope Flower Farm also started partnering with wineries and bakers to make the package even more enticing. Flowers and a good bottle of wine or freshly baked bread… yum, what’s not to love about that combination!

Floral Portrait Shots

This week is all about Hope Farm’s flower installations and for this they partnered with a hair- and makeup artist and a photographer. The exclusive offer: portrait shots while looking at your best, surrounded by flowers.

Floral portrait shots at hope flower farm - holly heider chapple - on thursd

Partner up!

For designers who do not have a studio or farm open to the public, a smart idea is to partner up with other venues to create a buzz and more sales. Holly finds those collaborations inspiring and uplifting in this time of year:

“They were very helpful to cope with COVID-19.”

As for summer flowers, Holly grows all kinds of summery beauties on the farm. The feeling of being surrounded by all these seasonal beauties is a great add on to the collaborations on Hope Flower Farm this summer.


Summer Flower Installations with Holly Heider Chapple - Hope Flower Farm - on thursd

Summer Flower Installations with Holly Heider Chapple - Hope Flower Farm field - on thursd

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