Illuminating Your Bouquets

Five artistic interpretations of bouquets with dried flowers

written by: The Green Gallery | 26-08-2020

Dried Flowers Illuminate Your Bouquet

Five Artistic Interpretations

The Green Gallery lets you experience the wonderful world of flowers and plants as the source of inspiration for lovers of art, fashion, food, interiors & design. They present five artistic interpretations of illuminating bouquets putting dried flowers in the mix with fresh flowers, creating inspiration by nature’s infinite beauty.

1. Guided by the Light

Floral designer Marte Gulli is very bold when it comes to flower sculptures. She’s a master of the marvelous play between shining colors and sharp silhouettes.
Pictures by Kristoffer Myhre @kris_myhre, bouquets by Tørka Blomster Marte Gulli, @torka_blomster

2. Beaming Orchids

A floral masterpiece created from the most exquisite flowers in luscious lilac, bright pink, and burning orange. Breathtaking.
Art direction by Daphne Westland @studioenter, photography by Carlfried Verwaayen, @carlfriedverwaayenphotography, bouquet by Edénique @edeniquefloraldesign


3. Brighten Up

One rose, brimming with all colors of the rainbow: a fairytale flower.
Bouquet by @_flowerwitch and @rowanspray


4. Monochrome Blooming

A jaw-dropping study in monochromatic mint carnations from Rosalie Villanueva.
Bouquet by Rosalie Villanueva @flower_rzy


5. Electric Floraissance

The term Floraissance reverberates with eclectic undertones, evoking the Renaissance, flowers, and electricity, just like this bold, iridescent anthurium by Deadflowersnyc.
Design by @deadflowersnyc


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