Flower Fireworks for SNCF by TBWA\Paris

In the film, every flower that blooms is accompanied by the wheezing bang of fireworks, to illustrate the celebratory nature of the campaign

written by: The Drum | 30-12-2020


Preserving the Planet with Flower Fireworks

The national society of French railways (SNCF) gives thanks to those “preserving the planet” by travelling by train, in a campaign that’s positively blooming with flower fireworks.

According to the SNCF, trains give off 30 times less CO2 than individual cars and 20 times less than planes. Thus, the national railway body is positioning itself as a healthy alternative to other modes of transport.

With this in mind, the SNFC uses its campaign to thank it’s “responsible citizens” for helping to preserve the planet, stating “by taking the train you avoid rejecting million tons of CO2 in nature.”

To illustrate this sentiment, SNCFhas partnered with TBWA/Paris to showcase the successive blooming of flowers – a time lapse that covers 200 hours.

To capture each one of the 50 varieties included, every flower was photographed once every five seconds, day and night, which accumulated in 14,000 images per flower.

In the film, every flower that blooms is accompanied by the wheezing bang of fireworks, to illustrate the celebratory nature of the campaign.

The SNCP aims to transition from diesel-powered rail to developing stations that are autonomously powered by 2035.


Agency: TBWA\Paris
Client: SNCF
Advertising Managers: Stéphane Chéry, Agathe Mouly, Marie Nomdedeu
Agency Managers: Marina Zuber, Cécile Moreau, Maurane Pauli, Célia Martinez
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie
Creative Team: Julia Deshayes and Léna Monceau
Production: EDDY.TV
Film Director: CARAVANE
Head of TV: Maxime Boiron
TV Producer: Elisabeth Boitte
Executive Producers: Jean François Bourrel and Gilles Pinaudeau
Production Manager: Antoni Gimel-Lecosse
Studio Stop Motion: Manuel Cam
Post Production: TBWA\Else
Head of Post Production: Elise Gamboa
Head of Music and Sound: Olivier Lefevbre
Music and Sound Producer: Fanny Mithois

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