Florist Techniques with the Avalanche+ Rose

How to best include an Avalanche+ rose in your floral design

written by: Thursd. | 24-06-2020

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Get your inspiration by florists sharing their know-how and skills on YouTube. These videos show you how to best create a floral design with Avalanche+ roses.

A Wedding Arch with Avalanche+ Roses

On his inspirational YouTube channel, Pim van den Akker shows us how to make a wedding arch with pastel roses.

Powered by Arend Roses and their beautiful Avalanche+ roses, Pim gives step by step instructions on how to design an eye-catching floral installation.

A Romantic Design with Avalanche+ Roses

Nelleke Bontje shows us different forms of inspiration for a romantic roses design to start designing yourself!

Florist Technique Tutorials on Thursd

In these tutorials, you have found inspirational techniques given by florists working with the Avalanche+ rose. Looking for more inspiration or do you have Avalanche+ tutorials that we’ve missed?

Make sure to share them with us through our social channels Facebook and Instagram.

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