Embrace the Look With Make-Upz®

Plant empowerment in the brightest color coördinations

written by: Thursd. | 04-08-2020


Make-Upz® is a brand name for plants that are decorated in a unique way. They enhance a plant by making the conscious choice to wear Make-Upz®. A colorful decoration of plants such as Cyclamen, Spathiphyllum and Anthurium. But Also Ficus.


MakeUpz Anthurium - on Thursd.


Let’s Talk Cosmetics

The cosmetic use of make-up is applied by people in daily use and for special occasions. You can make it as colorful and elaborate as preferred, according to the setting, mood or character of the person. The Make-Upz® brand extends this mindset to plants, to color their assortment in line with consumer demand.


Cyclamen Make Upz do Brasil
Cyclamen Make-Upz®


Colorful Spathyphyllum - photo by Bom Jesus Floricultura
Colorful Spathyphyllums – photo by Bom Jesus Floricultura


Together We Are Stronger

In a moment of crisis, Make-Upz® seized the opportunity to innovate a new line of Anthuriums during the current COVID-19 situation. The colors of Brazil are represented in the Spathiphyllum and the package calls for strength and the union of Brazil in these difficult times; “Together we are stronger”.


Make Upz do Brasil - together we are stronger
Together we are stronger – A collaboration between Make-Upz® do Brasil and Symphony


Veiling Holambra

The Make-Upz® technology is created by Richard Grootscholten in the Netherlands. In 2019, together with Jerry van der Spek, specialist in the Brazilian retail market, they joined forces and ideas to bring Make-Upz® Flores & Plantas to Brazil. Located within the Veiling Holambra, they distribute their first colorful plants throughout the Brazilian market since 2019. Veiling is the Dutch word for auction.

The colorful assortment of Make-Upz® plants from the Netherlands that are currently featured on Thursd., are:

Cyclamen Make-Upz® Glittertopz - Indoor Flowering Plant On Thursd Featured
Cyclamen Make-Upz® Glittertopz
Make-Upz® Snow - Indoor Flowering Plant On Thursd Featured
Make-Upz® Snow
Cyclaam Make-Upz® Uno - Indoor Flowering Plant On Thursd Featured
Cyclaam Make-Upz® Uno

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