Dried Flower Design by Gaetan Jacquet

Gaetan Jacquet’s love for dried flowers started long before they came into fashion

written by: Thursd | 08-09-2020

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Some floral designers don’t just make bouquets, the make art-like compositions. Gaetan Jacquet is such a floral designer. Gaetan’s love for dried flower designs started long before dried flowers came into fashion. Gaetan is owner of flower shop Gaetan Botabota in Crotenay, near the Swiss border.


Gaetan Jacquet dried flowers Quote


For Gaetan Jacquet the dried flowers give something extra. There’s ar very large scope of colors, textures and, therefore, different ways to use dried flowers. A lot of room for creativity with dried flowers, also because you do not have to worry about water and staying fresh of the flowers. Dried flowers are for sure exceptional products that allow floral designers to express all their creativity.


Gaetan Jacquet


Gaetan chose to work with dried flower from the beginning of his career as a florist, he liked dried flowers already from the start, and offered them in his flower stores with contemporary work as well as classic work. Long before it came back into fashion a few years ago.


Gaetan Jacquet - dried flower composition 01


Gaetan likes to go far from the somewhat kitsch memories of grandma’s bouquets, and moves towards more modern, contemporary and light pieces.


Gaetan Jacquet - dried flower composition 02


The quality of the dried flowers, and the know-how of the specs have been present on the market for decades. There are some really good wholesalers in dried flowers who have been around for long. And it is to these people that Gaetan says he decided to place his trust in for the supplies of dried flowers. He also made the choice to bring to the attention to the people about the ecological side of dried flowers, because dried flowers can be kept for a very long time. And often they are produced in a more eco-responsible way. The dried flowers used in the designs made by Gaetan Jacquet in this article come from Jocaflor.



“These exceptional dried flowers has come back to fashion recently. I always had a soft spot for this eco-friendly and sustainable product.”
Gaetan Jacquet with Emilie Legru and Aurelien Guintoli
Gaetan Jacquet with Emilie Legru and Aurélien Guintoli. This photo was taken during The FlorEvent Fair of Lyon and it is a creation by Aurélien Guintoli for importer / wholesaler Penja which also offers a lot of dried flowers.

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