Dried Flower Arrangements by Aurélien Guintoli

Amazing designs by this French Florist

written by:  | 26-08-2020

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Aurélien Guintoli

Aurélien Guintoli is a florist who likes to go beyond the usual codes and explore materials. He adores working with dried and stabilized flowers. His curiosity drives him to use them as materials that he sticks, that he undoes and remakes, that he mixes with other materials, which he mixes with wax and sometimes even burns to obtain the desired effect.

A True Flower Professional

He is a florist who goes off the usual path. His compositions, you never leave indifferent, exposing to all possible emotions. But isn’t that what you expect from a true flower professional?

Enjoy Aurélien Guintoli’s dried flower arrangements and designs!


Dried Flower Arrangements with Helichrysum:


Dried Flower Arrangements by Aurélien Guintoli 16




And so many other materials, look at the diversity:



Amazing Cross designs with dried Helichrysum flowers


That was it, the amazing dried flower arrangements by Aurélien Guintoli




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