Discover the New Green Planet

The biggest alstroemeria in the galaxy

written by: Thursd. | 18-11-2020

Discover the New Alstroemeria Green Planet

Great New Alstro

The breeders of Könst Alstroemeria have made an amazing floral discovery in our galaxy, a new Green Planet, the biggest alstroemeria in the known universe. And it’s up to top growers Together2Grow and Tesselaar Alstroemeria to bring this huge yet strange flower to you.


Discover the New Alstroemeria Green Planet


Introducing Alstroemeria Green Planet

Any florist in this world would ask the same questions when close encountering a totally new flower:
• Is it elegant? Yes, it is!
• Does it have a nice color? Yes, it has!
• Does it have a long vase life? It definitely has!
• Is it a totally new flower? Yes, it is a real novelty!



A Strange Flower

Alstroemeria Green Planet is a strange flower in the alstroemeria product group because it has no flower buds on it. This oddity merely consists of a crown of leaves on top of a sturdy stem. Combine it with other green products and you have an elegant vase available in your house.


Discover the New Alstroemeria Green Planet


Together2grow and Tesselaar Alstroemeria

Green Planet is produced at Together2Grow and Tesselaar Alstroemeria. The growers promise you a flower that requires low maintenance, and that gives high pleasure. The flower is available at the auction in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer but in limited numbers. Do you have an interest? Please contact them directly.



Enjoy for a Long Long Time

In our fantasy, aliens are thought to be green monsters. Well, here you have it: a giant Green Planet that seems to be coming from a galaxy far far away has landed on our planet to enjoy for a long long time.


Discover the New Alstroemeria Green Planet

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