Desch Plantpak Sustainable Solutions from Recycled Plastic

“Recycling is an important and – above all – a joint responsibility.”

written by: Desch Plantpak | 15-07-2021

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Desch Plantpak devises and creates innovative solutions for professional horticulture. These solutions ensure simpler business processes, more efficient automation processes, and added value for plants.

All our solutions provide you with better production results and higher yields. And to achieve this, Desch Plantpak works closely with growers. Across the globe. After all, with several production locations, dealerships, and clients in roughly sixty countries, Desch Plantpak is truly a global player.


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Growing Together

Desch Plantpak manufactures high-quality thermoformed pots and containers, transport trays, seedling trays, transplant trays, and bedding packs. Under the EPLA name, we add a versatile range of injection-molded decorative pots, hanging pots, trays, and accessories.
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Our products are manufactured from polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, or biopolymers. Naturally, responsible and environmentally conscious.
Desch Plantpak also endorses the Packaging Covenant III. This covenant includes arrangements on how to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and combating litter.



The horticulture sector benefits especially from a healthy environment. We, therefore, don’t merely manufacture our pots, trays, and packs responsibly, but also recycle them responsibly. Desch Plantpak considers recycling an important and – above all – a joint responsibility.

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Together with our regular clients, we have established an efficient recycling system for PS trays:

• We supply our clients with PS trays.
• Once used, we collect the dirty trays.
• The trays are then cleaned and dried.
• We crush and granulate the tray materials into pellets.
• These pellets are then reprocessed by way of foil extrusion.
• The material is then ready to be turned into new products through vacuum forming.

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