Clusia – the Strong and Cute Air Cleaner

You have to see her!

written by: Thursd. | 29-04-2020

Clusia Princess

Clusia Princess is the strong and cute air cleaner. She fits in every home, office, or shop as a sign of cleanliness.

Your Easy Cleaning Machine

Just give your clusia’s feet good amounts of water – especially in summer – and she will give lots of pure air in return. Just like many plants, clusia is a real cleaning machine. She neutralizes harmful substances by absorbing them and breaking them down in her roots. She cleans the air by converting CO2 into oxygen and as a bonus regulates the humidity through her evaporation process. Just note that when you’ve overdone the water clusia will warn you by showing yellow or brown spots on her leaves. That’s your signal to give her a little less water.

Clusia Princess

The Modest Plant for Everyone

Clusia is a modest plant. She does not scream in flashy colors to get your attention. And she is not very big either, so she’ll be in nobody’s way. She just does her job cleaning the house and be pretty in green. That is why clusia is perfect for any kind of room.

Imagine clusia in all kinds of homes, from student rooms to fully styled living rooms, bedrooms and even a kitchen. She will do great! Imagine also clusia cleaning the air in your office, solving a common complaint. And last, but not least, clusia will be the silent eye-catcher in your shop window, showing how green and modern your shop is. As long as the place is not too light or too dark, you will never hear the clusia Princess complain.

Clusia Princess

Dare to Sell More Plants

Florists sell flowers, right? Partially true. Amongst a growing number of – generally younger – people, there is an awareness of the positive assets of plants. Dare to put plants more to the front of your shop, more to the attention of your customers. And then, don’t just show the biggies, make room for the cute ones too, like the clusia Princess.

Clusia Princess

Repotting the Clusia Princess

Clusias may be modest, they do grow! Not fast and not too big, but in case they outgrow their pot, you might want to know “what’s next”? Plantmom comes to the rescue here. You may have read the blog by Plantmom earlier this year. She is also crazy about clusia. In this tutorial video on YouTube, she shows how to repot a clusia.

Most Nick-names in the World?

Fun fact: Clusia rosea is probably the plant with most nick-names, differing per country or global region. Some of them are copey, balsam apple, pig’s tree, pitch-apple, card gum, monkey goblet, wild mammie, and Scotch attorney. Another one is ‘Autograph Tree’ because you can carve your name in the leaf. If it looks nice, that’s up to you.

Clusia rosea Princess is available in the Intenz Home assortment of VDE Plant.

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