Catch Up With the Latest Innovations From Interplant Roses

Reaching out to florists and consumers at The Flower Bazar

written by: Thursd. | 06-09-2021

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The concept of The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer is for a great deal about innovation. This fits perfectly in the vision of rose breeder Interplant Roses. Therefore, during your visit, you will be able to catch up with the latest innovations from Interplant Roses.

About the Latest Innovations From Interplant Roses

Manon van ‘t Klooster is the Product Promotion Manager at Interplant Roses. She explains the company’s past and present, and future.


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Rich History in Rose Breeding

Manon: “Interplant Roses is very proud of its rich history in rose breeding. For decades we have been one of the world’s leading rose breeders. And we always look to the future. Which pink varieties will stand out in 10 years? Only vision can answer that question. Our vision stems from our shared knowledge and our close relationship with customers.

Innovation is the heart of our company and our daily mission. At our location in the Netherlands, we make more than 100,000 crossings a year, resulting in surprising new rose varieties. The first tests of all varieties take place in our greenhouses in the Netherlands. With the help of advanced computer software, we select the best crossing parents and the optimal crossing schedule is drawn up.

The most important element that Interplant Roses adds to this constant quest for optimization is our creativity, knowledge, and experience acquired over many years of breeding. An excellent team of highly qualified and experienced professionals forms the backbone of our innovative rose breeding company.”


Catch Up With the Latest Innovations From Interplant Roses


What to Expect From Interplant at The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer?

Manon: “As a breeding company, we like to participate in these kinds of events. We prefer to dive as deep as possible into the chain to reach florists and consumers. By speaking to many people in the industry, we try to match supply and demand. We are happy to take on this challenge, to bring this as close as possible to each other. We also learn what requirements are set for our products in each part of the chain.

Despite the fact that we have already built up many contacts with growers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, florists, etc., we always try to reach new people. This gives us information that is important for making breeding choices for the future so that our new varieties continue to meet the wishes of our customers. We are also happy to share our knowledge and information about our products. We have found that not all information about our roses permeates the entire chain. We see it as our task to share this information with everyone in the chain.



FloriWorld is the perfect location to reach new people, meet up with our good acquaintances from the industry and present our newest varieties. The Flower Bazar makes this complete because as participants we work together, and we jointly provide a special appearance, create an experience and ensure an event that can run smoothly within the current measures. It’s great that we can meet everyone again, and we look forward to speaking to everyone live again.”

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