Café Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst

With a sweet vanilla scent

written by: Thursd. | 01-02-2021

wordpress header Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst

Roses named after your favorite order at Starbucks? No problem! Meet Cafè Latte, a very special rose with a unique ethereal color, opening fully with a sweet vanilla scent.

Winning Hearts All Over the World

Café Latte was introduced by De Ruiter in 2005 and was exclusively bred at the Tambuzi farm in Kenya for many years. Today, Cafe Latte roses are also grown at Uhuru in Kenia, Alexandra Farms in Colombia, Flores Verde in Ecuador and El Milagro in Colombia. Exclusive importer for the US market is Mayesh Wholesale Inc. This magnificent rose was not easily available for a long time, but thanks to the boom of rose farming in Kenya and increased demand from florists, Café Latte is now more than ready to brighten up any occasion. The rose is winning the hearts of florists all over the world.


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst
Image courtesy of Parfum Flower Company


The Rose You Want to Stick Your Nose in

Café Latte roses are famous for their unusual antique petals and copper bronze color with a very slight pink undertone. It’s definitely a favorite, not only for its trendy, warm color and fluffy shape with those pretty ruffled petals but also for its lovely vanilla fragrance. The blooms open slowly and hold well for about 5-7 days, releasing a delightful aroma that you will keep sniffing. This brown beauty is a favorite for weddings but we can all agree that Cafe Latte will look great in all types of floral arrangements, whether it is in a mono bouquet or incorporated into a larger design.


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst Floral Arrangement
Cafe Latte roses floral design by @vowscreative


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst
A bunch of vintage style blooms by @hedgesandflowers


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst Cafe Latte rose bouquet
Bouquet in earthy hues by @flori_cu_fitze_by_alina_neacsa


Logo de Ruiter Innovations Royal shield


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet with Cafe Latte roses by @momentfloralstyling


Cafe Latte Roses Will Quench Your Thirst Floral Arrangement
Cafe Latte roses incorporated into a larger floral design by @zengkeijn


Where to find the Cafe Latte rose


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