Cactus Nursery Ariane – the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers

Get your fill of everything prickly and succulent

written by: Thursd. | 19-05-2021

wordpress header Cactus Nursery Ariane - the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers

Cacti lovers pay attention, because at Cactus Nursery Ariane you can get your fill of everything prickly and succulent. This Belgium-based wholesaler grows and imports a wide array of beautiful cacti, succulents, sempervivums, and caudex plants.

The Beautiful Cacti From Cactus Nursery Ariane

Run by Hans Van de Voorde and his wife Ariane Taeldeman, the nursery consists of a covered glass surface of 3800m² and an open-air space of 6000m² where all the plants are nursed, stored, and can be admired. Cactus Nursery Ariane was founded on January 1st, 1993 by Hans Van de Voorde and Ariane Taeldeman and results from a passion that went on for many years. In 1993, they adopted the plants from retiring cacti grower Louis Verbinnen and took over part of his equipment. At the same time, they also started using an already existing greenhouse, offering a 2500m² glass surface formerly used as a maranthacea nursery.


Cactus Nursery Ariane - the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers Cacti


Cactus Nursery Ariane - the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers Hans Van de Voorde


A Wide Range of Exclusive Plants

All cacti at cactus nursery Ariane are grown from seed or cuttings. But they also import plants from the Canary Islands and offer a wide range of exclusive varieties. Everything that fits into a 5,5 cm pot up to 60 cm pots and anything in between, is available at this grower. They are always ready to offer solutions for specific problems and are constantly looking for the best possible solutions along with their customers.



For instance, campana cacti are transported with a decorative lava top layer which isn’t only a nice feature, it also keeps the plants in place, they have developed specially designed cardboard boxes to transport the plants as safely as possible, and treat all their ceramic pots with a silicone-based product so that they remain clean, even after many years.

Cacti, Succulents, Sempervivums and More

But there is more to enjoy from cactus nursery Ariane besides the ever-so-popular cacti. They also offer many different succulents that are grown by Belgicactus and are available in pots from 5,5 cm to 13 cm. Depending on the season, they also import succulents from abroad.


Cactus Nursery Ariane - the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers Succulents


The sempervivums in the nursery, commonly known as Houseleeks or Hens and Chicks, are grown from cuttings. Everyone who likes taking the ‘no fuss’ approach will love these plants. They are available in several pot sizes but also come in specially decorated sempervivum bowls.


Cactus Nursery Ariane - the Valhalla for Cactus Lovers Exclusive varieties
Cacti at cactus nursery Ariane in Belgium


The Caudex plants in their assortment are extremely well adapted to dry conditions and are grown at the nursery. Bigger plants are imported from South Africa. These wonderful curiosities are very popular among plant collectors and growers that like odd or peculiar plants.



For more information about Cactus Nursery Ariane, you can visit their website.

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