Bouvardia Is the Flower for Happy Living

Trendy, unique, and versatile from The House of Bouvardia

written by: Thursd. | 06-09-2021

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You might think that the bouvardia with its star-shaped flowers is a diva with star power. Nothing could be further from the truth. This beauty is fantastic both solo and mixed. It makes little difference whether you choose her as the leading lady or give her a small supporting role. She will shine anyway because bouvardia is the flower for happy living! Bouvardia flowers are suitable for every occasion and available every season of the year.



The Flower for Happy Living

Bouvardia is a versatile beauty. House of Bouvardia has an extensive collection of Bouvardia in various shapes and colors. From soft pinks shades, whites, to harder color tones, we have them all. The perfect flower to endlessly combine and create.

The House of Bouvardia is the place to be for these beautiful Bouvardias. Customers and floral fans can visit the inspirational website that contains plenty of brilliant bouvardia ideas at www.houseofbouvardia.com. This same website has great content to share on your own social media channels and/or other online expressions as well.


Bouvardia Is the Flower for Happy Living


The House of Bouvardia at The Flower Bazar Aalsmeer

The House of Bouvardia would like to show that this beauty and versatility offline at the Flower Bazar fair in Aalsmeer from 15 to 17 September. Here, the full and wide range is visible live. Its growers are also immediately present to provide an explanation, and also possibly to be able to trade directly or to make agreements in the future.



The Growers and Breeder

These three Dutch growers and one breeder are united in House of Bouvardia: Vreeken Bouvardia, Chrywijk, Borgijink Bouvardia, and Royal Van Zanten.

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