Bit Leaves and Square Flowers

By Baku Maeda

written by: Thursd. | 14-10-2020

Bit Leaves and Square Flowers - on Thursd. - Header

Clipped Leaves and Square Flowers

Already some years back, but nevertheless not less interesting, is the work with clipped leaves and square flowers of Sapporo-based freelance illustrator and artist Baku Maeda.

Baku Maeda

His Insta and Tumblr are really nice to start following. Baku Maeda sees the world differently. An illustrator by trade, Baku Maeda expresses tremendous energy and power with his work, showing us what’s possible to achieve with humble, unassuming materials.

Square Flowers










Bit leaves






Bit Leaves and Square Flowers - Baku Maeda
Baku Maeda

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